"Overall, the classes I took with Sky have been my most memorable and applicable classes I took during my time at the University of Minnesota. His ability to make students think critically about media extends the boundaries of the classroom and helps the student think differently about the world around them. I have been an alumni for only 4 months now and I still find myself critically dissecting movies, TV shows, even political speeches."

Sky has taught a variety of courses for Denison University, the University of Minnesota, and Colorado State University, including:

Courses Taught

Digital Media
Visual Media
Persuasive Games
Media Literacy
Games, Sims, and Apps
Rhetorical Theory
Communication Theory
Public Speaking

Courses Prepared to Teach

Game Studies
Visual Rhetoric
Rhetorical Criticism 
Social Media
Media Audiences 
Media Theory 
Film Studies 
Media and Pop Culture 
Writing for New Media 
Television Studies
Film Studies