Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Crafting Courses as Game Spaces: Examining Video Games Classes in Communication
Sky LaRell Anderson
Communication Studies 70.3 (2019): 277-294.

The Interactive Museum: Video Games as History Lessons through Lore and Affective Design
Sky LaRell Anderson
E-Learning and Digital Media 16.3 (2019): 177-195.

Touchscreen Travelers: Hands, Bodies, Agency, and Mobile Game Players
Sky LaRell Anderson
Convergence 25.1 (2019): 77-94. Special Issue on "Haptic Play."
Extraludic Narratives: Online Communities and Video Games
Sky LaRell Anderson
Transformative Works and Cultures 28, 10th Anniversary Special Issue, "The Future of Fandom"  (2018):
Watching People Is Not a Game: Interactive Online Corporeality, and Videogame Streams 
Sky LaRell Anderson
Game Studies 17.1 (2017):
The Corporeal Turn: At the Intersection of Rhetoric, Bodies, and Video Games
Sky LaRell Anderson
Review of Communication 17.1 (2017): 18-36.

Turning Pixels into People: Procedural Embodiedness and the Aesthetics of Third-Person Character Corporeality 
Sky LaRell Anderson
Journal of Games Criticism 3.2 (2016),

Start, Select, Continue: The Ludic Anxiety in Video Game Scholarship
Sky LaRell Anderson
Review of Communication 13.4 (2014): 290-301.

Pleasure in LIMBO: A Video Essay
Sky LaRell Anderson
Itineration: Cross-Disciplinary Studies in Rhetoric, Media, and Culture (2013). and

The Dilemma of Grades: Reconciling Disappointing Grades with Feelings of Personal Success
Matthew L. Sanders and Sky L. Anderson. 
Qualitative Research Reports in Communication, 11.1 (2010): 51-56.