Sky LaRell Anderson (Ph.D., University of Minnesota) is an award-winning researcher and professor of digital media and culture. He is the visiting assistant professor of emerging media in the Media Arts and Culture department at Occidental College.

His teaching primarily covers digital culture and media, with courses such as Digital Technology and Cultural Change, Media and Your Body, Reimagining Social Media Practice, and Game Studies. He has also taught or is prepared to teach courses on media literacy, film, television, and other media studies topics.

Dr. Anderson’s research focuses on video games, games culture, and design. Recent projects include work on disability, accessibility, and mental illness in games culture. His research emphasizes the role disability plays in structuring how we talk about and engage with games. He also examines how games portray mental illness as well as how they can be critical tools for imagining improved discourses about mental health. He has published articles in international journals such as Convergence, Game Studies, Transformative Works and Cultures, and Communication Studies.

Dr. Anderson is also an independent game designer with games published for free on his website