Dr. Sky LaRell Anderson holds the position of Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at Denison University. He received a PhD in Communication Studies from the University of Minnesota where he studied digital media and rhetoric. His current research targets video game player communities, narratives, and the relationships between video games and players. For his dissertation, he investigated the nature and role of bodies in video games, specifically the bodies of players and characters. His interest in media and rhetoric began while studying at Colorado State University for his MA degree, and he has since written his Master’s thesis, conference papers, and journal articles about rhetoric found within films, television programs, and, most recently, video games.


Sky is an independent game designer with games aimed at evoking emotional responses regarding specific themes. His first game, Not Alone, published in 2014, is an exploration narrative aimed at recreating the emotional doubts that accompany feeling alone. He published his second game in 2016, Anybody Else, and it continues his concern with themes of isolation. ENTR.MAIN.LOOP. was published in September, 2016, Strangers and Skies in 2017, and other projects continue to be released on this site.

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Students consistently express how Sky's teaching approach has benefited them. One former student wrote, “Overall, the classes I took with Sky have been my most memorable and applicable classes I took during my time at the University of Minnesota. His ability to make students think critically about media extends the boundaries of the classroom and helps the student think differently about the world around them. I have been an alumni for only 4 months now and I still find myself critically dissecting movies, TV shows, even political speeches.” Similar sentiments echo across teaching evaluations. His classes are consistently rated above department and university averages.

Sky has taught a variety of courses for Denison University, the University of Minnesota and Colorado State University, including:

Digital Games, Sims, and Apps
Media Literacy
Rhetorical Theory
Analysis of Argument
Public Speaking
Communication Theory
Intercultural Communication
Evaluating Contemporary Film

He is also qualified to teach:

Game Studies
Media Audiences
Media Theory
Visual Rhetoric
Film Studies
Television Studies
Rhetorical Criticism
Rhetorical Theory
Interpersonal Communication